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EV Cover

Protection fueled by Solar Power

Unveiling the EV Solar Charging Cover

At the intersection of patented innovation and practicality. Built with high-performing solar cells, this sleek cover not only folds into a compact form but also offers a modern solution to power collection. Whether at your home or office, harness clean, sustainable solar energy efficiently without the burdens and costs of traditional infrastructure.

Power, Everywhere. Travel, Anywhere. 

Here's where it truly stands out

An innovative third layer of inflatable material redefines your EV charging journey. Not only does it offer protection for your vehicle from potential damages, but this unique feature brings unparalleled versatility. Our cover, standing firmly on its own, seamlessly transitions into a tent or shade. This capability proves especially valuable for remote construction and work sites, amplifying both utility and convenience.

We are committed to advancing the experience for EV owners who value outdoor and recreational activities. Our latest development includes an inflatable tent pad, designed for seamless integration with the solar cover. Furthermore, we have enhanced its capabilities by incorporating compact wind and water turbines, ensuring an efficient and optimal charging experience. These innovations not only elevate the utility of our product but also cater to the evolving needs of our clientele, allowing them to harness versatile energy sources even in remote settings.

The electric vehicle movement is imminent, and it's reshaping the way we think about transportation. Don't be left behind due to concerns over costs or charging limitations. Embrace the future with our EV Solar Charging Cover, offering unparalleled freedom, adaptability, and innovative solutions. Be at the forefront of sustainable transport – choose Common Technologies.

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