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  • UN estimates that over 2 billion people live in water-stressed regions

  • 1.42 billion people live in areas deemed high, or extreme water-stress

  • More than half the population lives in water-stressed areas

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We need a 70% increase in food production

Decreasing access to water +

diminishing soil health

= reduced food output

Change is slow in the adoption of large-scale use of controlled environment agriculture systems

Costs are prohibitive for growing a broad range of produce


Food is a right


Uses low-cost existing technology to automate


Modularity allows for use in a broader market


Compartmentalization reduces energy requirements


Can be used as a standalone unit, or in fully automated plant factories

vertical garden_edited.jpg

Can be stacked


Lay side by side


Used at home, restaurants, grocery stores, farms, and plant factories


Patent pending technology allows for automation from seed to harvest

Vertical agriculture was a $5.5 billion industry in 2020

Projected value for 2026 is $19.89 billion

Automation improvements will drive down costs

Affordable access to highly nutritious food for low income families

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