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Our Team

We're more than just a team – we're a cohesive unit united by a singular mission. Our shared visions pave the way for a future that harmonizes technology with nature, constructing a world that's both innovative and sustainable.

Our foundation rests on a profound respect for the community and every person in it. As a majority veteran-owned business, we wear our heritage with pride.


Our ethos is rooted in service, and we're deeply committed to giving back. We champion growth made together, and believe in creating spaces where opportunities abound for everyone.

Mark Skinner Business Headshot-small.jpg

Mark Skinner

Chief Technology Officer


Eli Brewer

Chief Executive Officer


Jonathan Sass

Director of Operations


James Stevens

Director of Engineering


Cristian Diaz

Director of Design & Marketing

Aboutus -Team

At Common Technologies, we merge visionary   innovation with sustainable values to engineer   transformative solutions. Guided by consumer insights,   empowered by inclusivity, and committed to a circular   economy, we reshape technology for a harmonious   future. Our mission is to bridge the gap between   profitability and environmental stewardship, setting a   new industry standard through groundbreaking research   and development.


Our vision at Common Technologies is to create a world   where technology and sustainability are seamlessly   intertwined, fostering positive change in every facet of   life. We strive to be the catalysts for innovation that not   only elevate consumer experiences but also empower   marginalized talent and contribute to a circular   economy. Through our pioneering spirit, we are   committed to leading the way towards a future where   prosperity, inclusivity, and environmental harmony   coexist


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Tucson, Arizona, United States.

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