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Engineering and Environmental

We create products meant to solve real problems in our communities, help our society go green, and promote a circular economy.


Growing agricultural tech to meet the food demand of the future.

Imagine having a neighborhood farm in your urban community that is both a green space and a major food producer for your local restaurants and groceries?  CommonTech is working on a revolutionary way for urban farming to improve the health and vitality of our communities and agricultural methods.

How might you power your Electrical Vehicle (EV) if you take it camping, to work, or other locations without a speed charger?  We got your back!  Solutions are on the way.  Follow us, or contact us for more information about what we're working on to power the future of transportation.

Changing the way the world is powered.

Our business model is different, with a purpose.

We train and develop local talent as we expand to provide high-paying, life-changing jobs to low-income members of the community.  Let's make poverty a historical mention!

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