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Water Conservation Systems

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Water Scarcity

According to the UN, over 2 billion people already live in areas classified as being highly water-stressed, of those 1.42 billion live in areas that are high or extremely water-stressed.

Access to water is a human right!

Water Polution

1.8 billion people use a source of drinking water contaminated with feces, putting them at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio.

The greatest increases in exposure to pollutants are expected to occur in low- and lower-middle income countries, primarily because of higher population and economic growth in these countries, especially those in Africa (UNEP, 2016a), and the lack of wastewater management systems (UN WWDR, 2017).

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Death in Abundance

Fish are dying at an alarming rate from deteriorating aquatic ecosystem health.

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Growing Food by Wasting Water

The UN estimates that 72% of water pulled from the ground is used for agriculture and 3.2 billion people live in areas of farming with high or very high water shortages.  

Are we growing food at the expense of having water to drink?

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