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A primary reason many people cannot make the jump to buying an electric vehicle (EV), is the cost and limited availability of charging.  We have you covered!  Our product allows an EV owner to charge their vehicle anywhere!  With copper indium gallium selenide solar (CIGS) cells, the product can be rolled into a tight package that can produce up to 500 Watts (testing and additional prototyping is being conducted to confirm specifications) of solar power.  It can also be integrated with small wind and water turbines to improve output and charging capacity no matter where you take your EV!


This product is constructed of high durability, heat-resistant, and bullet-proof kevlar aramid fiber ( up to 9mm) in the exterior layer.  The interior layer is a soft spandex nylon that will protect your vehicles paint.  Finally, a third layer of inflatable material allows for the cover to protect your vehicle from mechanical damage, and even stand on it's own so that the cover can be used as a tent or shade! 


Future development of an inflating tent pad will be available that integrates with the solar cover, making a comfortable sleeping platform on any surface.

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