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Grow with us

We are proudly dedicated to grass-roots funding, meaning that you can invest and own a stake in the mission of CommonTech.  Whether you're interested in helping us raise money to launch our innovative manufacturing system, work toward humanitarian efforts of training and improving the lives of our society's poor, or simply want to profit in our future successes, you can own the future with us!  We look forward to meeting our new owners!

Each share is established at $100 dollar valuation to help achieve our fundraising goals.  After purchase, you will receive a stock certificate signed by the CEO and CFO within 3 business days. Stock value will be based on our intellectual property potential in the market space and total revenue.  We will establish a posted financial report monthy so you can see the impact we're making, as well as how much money your stock earns.  Transferrs between private persons, or resale to CommonTech, is authorized.  For any questions about our terms, please email:

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